Current Issue: Journal of Modern Craft 7.2

Editorial Introduction


A Critical Survey of the Growth, Decline and Sustainability of Traditional Pottery Practice among the Igbo of South Eastern Nigeria by Vincent Egwu Ali

Selling Rhinebeck: Confrontation, Profit, and the “Mass Anxiety Attack” of the Northeast Craft Fair by Sarah Warren

Comrade Ohr: Ideal Craftsman and American Socialist by Ellen J Lippert


Floating by Annette Bellamy


Commentary by Kristina Rapacki

All Art Ought to Folkelig by Henry Heerup

Intimate Banalities by Asger Jorn


Sakahàn: International Indigenous Art reviewed by Sarah E. K. Smith

Matthew Darbyshire: The W. A. Ismay Collection reviewed by Kimberley Chandler

Ai Wei Wei: According to What reviewed by Leopold Kowolik


The Invention of Craft Glenn Adamson reviewed by Andrea Peach

Crafting a Better Place to Live: The Argument for Craft Education Howard Cannatella reviewed by Louise Valentine

2 thoughts on “Current Issue: Journal of Modern Craft 7.2

  1. Dear Sirs,

    I am an art history student at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London and I have recently completed an essay entitled Producing Social Space Through Lived Experience: A Brief History of The Woman’s Building in Los Angeles (1973 – 1991) , under the supervision of Professor Julia Bryan Wilson from Berkeley University who is a visiting professor at the Courtauld this year.

    The essay provides an alternative reading of the history of The Woman’s Building, an artist run and feminist space in Los Angeles which largely influenced the developement of both cultural and social life in California in the 1970s and 1980s.
    In this essay, I am discussing the organization’s almost twenty year long history in relation to the production of social space and the emergence of ‘counter publics’, through the lens of Henri Lefebvre’s “The Production of Space” (1974).

    I was wondering whether you would be potentially interested in such a contribution to your journal.


    Katarzyna Falecka

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