Writing things well

Theme for Issue 4.1

"I decided that a kind of rather flat skepticism, and making things, making things well, is better than a utopian attempt to reform society." A.S. Byatt

What is the relation between craft and writing? Is it to enhance our enjoyment of craft? How does the craft sensibility influence writing practice? Is it more about attention to detail than the bigger picture?

This theme is an opportunity to share opinions about the kind of writing that enhances craft, those writers who embody a craft sensibility, and ideas about the role of craft in relation to other elements of the writing trade, such as content and expression.

We are joined at the Table with two erudite guests to lead this conversation, Jenni Sorkin and Ramona Barry. As an appetiser, you are invited to read the interview with A.S. Byatt about her recent novel, The Children’s Book. To contribute to this discussion, take a seat here.

2 thoughts on “Writing things well

  1. I wish there were more blank line breaks in the paragraphs of Journal of Modern Craft AND more pictures.

    Visuals of this proposal would have been so much more interesting.

    Why can’t we see more visuals? Pictures on the Internet are free. Their is no extra cost for printing. It doesn’t seem to take advantage of the Internet, easy full color visuals at no cost.

    I choose to write a comment on this particular article, but it isn’t aimed specifically to your commentary. Hope you can convey this to the “powers that be” at Journal of Modern Craft.

  2. It’s interesting that you make this specific point, Harriete. Do you think writing in craft should include illustration? Your own writing is quite unique in the richness of visual material. There’s a position that would argue it is important to the ‘craft’ of writing that it convey its meaning purely through the word. What do you think the role of images should be?

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