The Journal of Modern Craft is the first peer-reviewed academic journal to provide an interdisciplinary and international forum in its subject area. It addresses all forms of making that self-consciously set themselves apart from mass production—whether in the making of designed objects, artworks, buildings, or other artefacts.

It covers all aspects of craft as it exists within the condition of modernity (conceived as roughly from the mid-19th century to the present day), without geographical or disciplinary boundary. Its editors welcome articles that analyze the relevance of craft to architecture, design, contemporary art, and other fields, as well as the central disciplines of clay, wood, fiber, glass, metal, paper, etc.

The Journal of Modern Craft was launched in March 2008 and is published by Taylor & Francis three times a year. The journal is edited by Glenn Adamson (Senior Scholar, Yale University), Elissa Auther (Windgate Research Curator, Museum of Art and Design and Bard Graduate Center, New York), Edward S. Cooke Jr. (Yale University), Tanya Harrod (Independent Scholar, London), Stephen Knott (Kingston University) and Jenni Sorkin (University of California, Santa Barbara). Kimberley Chandler (Independent Scholar, London) and Kayleigh Perkov (University of California, Irvine) are the exhibition review editors, and Livia Rezende (University of New South Wales, Australia) and Sequoia Miller (Gardiner Museum, Canada) are the book review editors.

The website serves as a portal to the print journal, but also complements its objectives with blog posts and other extra material such as author interviews, reviews, links to other websites and forum discussion. Find out more here.

For the Taylor & Francis website of the Journal of Modern Craft follow the following link:



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  1. Just read the piece in the June/July American Craft Mag, loved it. Looking forward to following your blog. Thanks for contributing to an already great mag, Glenn you have just made it just that much more special.

  2. I wish to submit my paper for publication. What is the procedure

  3. Dear Editors,
    Thanks for this wonderful publication.
    But I couldn’t find the information about indexes that the journal is included in.
    Could you inform me about that?

    All the best,
    Dr. Esra Bici Nasır

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