The aim of the Journal of Modern Craft website is to generate debate about the place of craft in the contemporary world. The scholarship in the print journal provides a unique opportunity to engage in an informed discussion about the trajectory of craft in modernity, from the Arts & Crafts movement to the modern day. The journal’s blog posts provide a space to profile individual craft writers and practitioners who have developed opinions that contribute to the broader understanding of particular craft questions.

Themes change every three months in step with the print journal. With each issue, one article is available for free download. The particular question for that theme is designed to open up discussion related to the article.

Blog posts should be short – less than 800 words. They are opportunities for exercising opinion and so suit a personal voice. This can include responses to articles in the print journal. A blog post can feature an example of craft practice that informs the current theme.

It is best to have at least one image for each post. You need to get permission from the artist or relevant institution to use that image.

Let’s delve into the mystery of craft in our world today.

For inquiries, please contact the online editor Stephen Knott (

4 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. Greatly appreciate the premise that your journal is promoting and feel that the craft that I labour would add some stimulus. Custom made jeans that are cut by hand, and finished by hand. Cloth cut by hand and expertly sewn by hand is all elementary. The product is then all finished by hand by stitching the back leather/stingray patch with sinew threading. The buttons are all preened on by hand via the eyelets sewn by hand as well. The finishing touch is to how the pockets of the jeans are properly secured. By the base of authentic 9mm recycled bullet shells that are cut down into (washer) form by a vintage lathe cutter. Then preened by hand with ball-peen hammer on top of a solid steel anvil with vintage copper rivets. Thus becoming Browndeim, custom made denimes. Thank you much for your time & consideration!


    Christopher j. Brown

  2. Dear editor,

    My name is Bang, Chang Hyun.

    I am very interested in contributing my new article for your print journal.

    I wonder when the due date for July /November issue is and where the submission guide is.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you so much.


    -Bang, Chang Hyun.

  3. I would like to submit an article for publication.
    Please point me to details of your submission guide.

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