John Roberts article for JMC 6:3 available for free

For a limited period John Roberts article for The Journal of Modern Craft 6.3 will be free to read online from the following LINK.

To accompany the publication of this article we have invited a number of critics to respond to Roberts’ arguments. In particular, his framing of Duchamp’s up-turned urinal Fountain (1917) as a part of the vessel tradition and critique of Bernard Leach as part of the “self-authenticating tradition of craft”. As Roberts writes:

“If we need to disengage Leach and the vessel tradition from a self-authenticating tradition of craft, we also need to place Duchamp within an expanded understanding of craft-thinking. In doing so, we can reject the presupposition that craft is attached to a particular range of objects and techniques identifiable with tradition.[1]”

There is plenty to discuss! Please keep up to date with the website as we will be uploading new texts over the course of January – February 2014.

[1] John Roberts, “Temporality, Critique, and the Vessel Tradition: Bernard Leach and Marcel Duchamp” Journal of Modern Craft 6:3 (November 2013), p. 265.


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