Steampunk – from ‘Satanic mills’ to 21st century DIY

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‘Steampunk’ reflects a retro-Victorian machine aesthetic. Currently in vogue, the contemporary phenomenon of ‘steampunk’ raises some curious questions.

This ‘back to the future’ nostalgia seems to contradict the modernist aesthetic normally projected onto technology. It also evokes the industrial revolution against which the Arts and Crafts movement reacted. But is it possible that the ‘mechanical age’ of the nineteenth-century have a craft value, at least from the perspective of the 21st century?

Furthermore, Is it the destiny of all technologies to become a potential inspiration for craft, once they are no longer useful? Guest bloggers are Mila Burcikova and Linda Hughes.

Flickr image from Urban Don, with Creative Commons license
‘Satanic mills’ reference is from William Blake’s poem Jerusalem .

1 thought on “Steampunk – from ‘Satanic mills’ to 21st century DIY

  1. I think that modern technologies can be a potential inspiration for craft through all stages of their life. From construction, to use, and then to recycling. I don’t always like to wait until something is no longer useful before I pull it apart and use it for something else. 🙂

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