Journal of Modern Craft 3.2

Editorial Introduction


Exogamy in World Craft: A South-South Perspective by Kevin Murray

Et in Suburbia Ego: A Cultural Geography of Craft in the London Suburbs by Lily Crowther

So-called Craft: The Formative Years of Droog Design, 1992-1998 by Timo de Rijk

Virtual Guilds: Collective Intelligence and the Future of Craft by Leonardo Bonanni and Amanda Parkes (pdf)

Towards Sustainable Craft Production in Jamaica by Suzette Wolfe Wilson

Statement of Practice

Tradition in Question: Glassblowing in Murano, Tunisia, and Afghanistan by Patricia Ribault

Primary Text

Commentary by Catharine Rossie

An Enquiry on Handicrafts Zodiac no. 4/5, 1959

Exhibition Reviews

The House of Words reviewed by Helen Carnac

Unresolved Matters: Social Utopias Revisited reviewed by Liesbeth Fit

Gone With The Wind reviewed by Louise Schouwenberg

Thomas Day: Master Craftsman and Free Man of Color reviewed by Ann Smart Martin

The Art of Not Making: The New Artist/Artisan Relationship; The Power of Making: The Importance of Being Skilled reviewed by Sophie Raikes

Arts and Crafts, Neitzsche und die frühe Brücke. Studien zur Graphick Ernst Ludwig Kirchners reviewed by Christian Weikop


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