Journal of Modern Craft 1.3

The final issue for 2008

Editorial introduction


Cleverest of the Clever: Coconut Craftsmen in Lamu, Kenya by Kristina Dziedzic Wright

Disavowing Craft at the Bauhaus: Hiding the Hand to Suggest Machine Manufacture by George H. Marcus

Russel Wright and Japan: Bridging Japonisme and Good Design through Craft by Yuko Kikuchi

British Interventions in the Traditional Crafts of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), c. 1850-1930 by Robin Jones

Statement of Practice

Introduction: Ena de Silva and the Aluwihare Workshops by David G. Robson

Primary Text

Commentary by Alla Myzelev

My Life Impressions Princess Maria Tenisheva (1867-1928)

Exhibition Reviews

Jean Prouvé: The Poetics of the Technical Object by Christopher Wilk

Hands on Movement: A Dialogue with History by Christina Zetterlund

Book Review

What Do Pictures Want? The Lives and Loves of Images by Justin Clemens

The Craftsman by Emmanuel Cooper

The Intangibilities of Form: Skill and Deskilling in Art after the Readymade by Joshua A. Shannon

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