We join forces with the Critical Craft Forum

The Journal of Modern Craft website aims to activate scholarly research by publishing blog posts on relevant themes and nurturing a global network of craft writers. While there are opportunities to interact on the website, for many the Facebook platform is a more accessible medium for response to issues of the day. Rather than set up an alternative Facebook forum, the Journal of Modern Craft is joining forces with the most lively group dealing with contemporary craft on Facebook.

Critical Craft Forum began to bring together voices from the breadth of craft-focused communities to deepen critical and analytical dialogue about craft and culture. The Facebook component is an open forum for dialogue. Annual sessions at College Art Association address critical questions and issues in the scholarship, study and creation of contemporary craft.

The various blog posts will now appear on the Critical Craft Forum Facebook site, feeding conversations. Meanwhile, its Facebook activity will also appear alongside posts in the Journal of Modern Craft website. In this way, we can at the same time capture the moment in lively Facebook conversations and retain a memory of enduring themes in archived blog posts.
If you do Facebook, you are encouraged to join Critical Craft Forum here.