Journal of Modern Craft 3.3

Third issue of 2010


Editorial introduction: Tools of Trades by Jon Wood

Silence and Tools: (Non)verbalizing Sculptor’s Practice by Jyrki Siukonen

The Tortoise and the Hare: Extempore Performance and Sculptural Practice in Eighteenth-century France by Tomas Macsotay

Plastic Pleasures: Reconsidering the Practice of Modeling through Manuals of Sculpture Technique, c.1880-1933 by Ann Compton

Constantin Brancusi and the Image of Trade: Aspects of Trade in the Realm of Modern Fine Arts by Nina Gulicher

Statement of practice

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer by Edward Allington (PDF)

Soliz Clay, Tools and Tooling by Cecile Johnson

New Territories in the Round: Krysten Cunningham in Conversation with Jon Wood


The View from Nowhere by Matthew C. Hunter

Evans Warren Seelig: Textile Per Se by Heidi Nasstrom

Making Time: Craft and the Slow Revolution by Martina Margetts

Vicki Halper and Diane Douglas (eds.) Choosing Craft: The Artist’s Viewpoint by Sandra Alfoldy

Elissa AutherĀ  String, Felt, Thread: The Hierarchy of Art and Craft in American Art by Jenni Sorkin